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December 9, 2012

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It is the second Nikolai's birthday we have been celebrating without him. He would be 58 today.Nikolai's grave

Denis Cavallucci, Nikolai Khomenko. From TRIZ to OTSM-TRIZ: addressing complexity challenges in inventive design | INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS


Nowadays, the need to rebuild design practices in enterprises is strongly felt both in terms of human skills and methodological expertise. An emerging statement is that tools and methods developed during the quality and optimisation era have shown their limits and become inappropriate in the context of the needs of the innovation era. The aim of this paper is first to state that a partial answer to face the innovation era's difficulties has been brought about by the theory of inventive problem solving.

Nikolai Khomenko. Why TRIZ and OTSM? What are TRIZ and OTSM?

This article appeared as  the first of a series on the history and methods of problem solving that created both Classical TRIZ and OTSM, the “General Theory of Powerful Thinking.” In fact only one article was published in TRIZ-journal, 06-2006.

Thomas ELTZER, Denis CAVALLUCCI, Philippe LUTZ, Nikolai KHOMENKO. Contribution to early stages analysis: a framework for contradiction’s complexity representation. ETRIA, 2004

It is universally acknowledged that actual industrial situation regarding problem solving stages is of a critical matter for R&D robustness. A technical situation that causes inefficiency is stated as an “unsolvable problem” and treated as “best possible compromises”. In fact they are the result of a complex situation where mental inertia leads the designer’s attitude.

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