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Khomenko, N., Tsourikov, V. Resolving of contradictions in intelligent CAD of early design stages, 1988


It is one of a series of articles dedicated to the creation of an intelligent "Invention Machine" computer system. 

The article is currently available in Russian only.

Khomenko N.N. Workshop in Artek, 1997 (notes)

At the end of the 90s, Artek was the place of birth and realization of many pedagogic ideas.  Among others, a team of TRIZ-teachers headed by Nikolai Khomenko effectively worked in Artek. Mikhail Sidorenko (1950-2002), the General Director of Artek, member of Academy of Pedagogic Sciences of the Ukraine, Ghairman of Presidium of the international charitable organization "Education Without Borders” took an interest in the TRIZ pedagogy potential. The plans built jointly with Artek management were not realized because of the management team replacement.

Khomenko, N.N. Possibilities of TRIZ as a universal problem solver


The domain of contradiction-containing problems falls far outside the scope of technology. Contradictions are found in biology, science, pedagogy and many other fields of human activity.

Khomenko, N.N. Contradiction as a System of Contradiction. 1988



The article describes solutions to the problem of transition from a PhC to its resolution found by the author in the course of the "Invention Problem" software development. 

The article is currently available in Russian only.

Deposited in CHOUNB 4.05.12 № 3539

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