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"Для описания процессов и компонентов проблемы Альтшуллер предложил модель «Системный оператор». Он также называл ее Полной схемой сильного мышления. Для объяснения того, что считается сильным мышлениям с точки зрения ТРИЗ, Альтшуллер обычно использовал 18 «экранов»" (Н. Хоменко, М. Аштиани. Классическая ТРИЗ и ОТСМ как теоретическая основа инструментов для решения нестандартных проблем. - с.6).

H.Yoon. Applications of Purpose Axis as a part of Multi Screen Thinking (2015)

Multi Screen Thinking or ‘Talented Thinking’, was suggested by G. Altshuller in order that problem models may reflect the real world of the relevant problems. N.Khomenko developed a variety of Axes of Multi Screen Thinking in accordance with his own OTSM viewpoint of problem model transformation to solve difficult problems. The author has gotten lots of benefits by considering purpose relationship among problems over some typical application of TRIZ. 

N. Khomenko. Advanced Multi-Screen Scheme of Powerful Thinking

Editor’s Note

We have not found a text dedicated specifically to the progressive multi-screen scheme of advanced thinking in the Nikolay Khomenko’s archive. Meanwhile, this model is one of the OTSM-TRIZ basic models.

N. Khomenko. Three step to define function-features model. 1990-2001

Related to "New problem" technology of problem solving, Contradiction Technology and ARIZ, Model EPV, Law of System Completeness, Multi-screen advanced scheme. 

Khomenko N. Super-short introduction into Classical TRIZ and OTSM

"This material is meant to be the first step for those who desire to reach a more profound understanding of the theoretical foundations of TRIZ and OTSM, as well as to learn to employ their instruments with ease for the broadest range of purposes.  It may be helpful to one studying the modern condition of OTSM-TRIZ on the stages of reflecting upon and systematizing the mastered material" (from the paper).

Edited by I.Maceralnik

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