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The Theory of Creative Personality Development

Nikolai Khomenko, Ingrida Murashlovska. Third millennium: the driving contradiction and other problems of education

…Specialization was the key to solving many problems, and we used this key to open door after door, and went ahead, not caring that somewhere behind us doors were slamming shut…

This is the era in which scientific methods of professional selection flourish, the era of narrow and super-narrow specialization –
and suddenly a person appears who claims that specialization should be completely replaced with training universal professionals…

N.Khomenko. Fundamentals of Classical TRIZ

The part of the English handbook of TETRIS PROJECT

©N. Khomenko.  Workshop Program: «Theory and Practice of Development and Use of Tools for Solving Non‐Standard, Creative Problems on the Basis of OTSM and Classical TRIZ» 

What will the training result be like?

As a result  of this course students

1. will be introduced to

a.  a detailed analytical review of basic tools based on the theoretical propositions of OTSM and Classical TRIZ; 

b. ways of overcoming stereotypes in the organization of the innovation process based on tools of OTSM‐TRIZ concept «Think out of the Box»;

Khomenko, N.N. Rejection

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The work analyzes the problem of negative attitude toward TRIZ, its individual lines of research, trainers, TRIZ-specialists. The article includes a card-index based on collected objections of workshop participants with respect to TRIZ as well as on other sources. It is represented by two sections: criticism and answers to criticism. The authors marks the practicability of preliminary work of teachers and TRIZ researchers on standard objections and answers to such objections.

The article is currently available in Russian only.

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