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N. Khomenko

Dear visitor!

This site is dedicated to the work of TRIZ-master, the author of the General Theory of Power Thinking (OTSM) Nikolai Khomenko (1954-2011). The papers, presentations and other materials from Nikolai Khomenko's archives will be published on this web-site.

Andrei Kuryan, Dmitry Kucharavy. Heritage of Nikolai Khomenko (2018)

About the report “Heritage of Nikolai Khomenko”

Andrei Kuryan TRIZ Trainer, EPAM Systems, Minsk, Belarus

Dmitry Kucharavy Researcher, teacher, consultant, Strasbourg, France


In this article we present the overview of lifeline and heritage of TRIZ Master Nikolai Khomenko (1954 - 2011).

A report on the creative heritage of Nikolai N. Khomenko

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Dear colleagues!Николай Хоменко в Москве (2005 г.)

Within a memory day of march 27, we are thinking about our
teacher and colleague Nikolai Nikolaevich Khomenko.
Nikolai N. Khomenko was a student and a consistent follower
of the author of TRIZ Genrich S. Altshuller. Nikolai made a
considerable contribution to the development and
dissemination of TRIZ, and for development of OTSM-TRIZ
(General Theory of Powerful Thinking).
This year we are preparing a report on the creative heritage
of Nikolai N. Khomenko. The report will be presented at the
TDS-2018 conference (June 2018, St. Petersburg). We also are
going to put those materials on the OTSM-TRIZ website of
Nikolai Khomenko, as well as in other sources. At the
beginning we will prepare the report in Russian. It is
planned to develop an English version of the report after
June 2018 and published in different sources.
We are interested in collecting perspectives of those who collaborated with Nikolai Khomenko. Could you share with us some of your memories, comments and notes by filling this form, please?
With kind regards,
Andrei Kuryn, (Minsk)
Dmitry Kucharavy, (Strasbourg)


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2001It's been five years since Nikolai left us.
However, there are engineers who continue using his ideas. There are education professionals who build their approaches on the basis of OTSM-TRIZ. This site is for them. The project is approaching its final stage. A few more materials are planned for translation and several drafts will become available. Nikolai's correspondence related to OTSM-TRIZ will continue to be published at Our aim is to make the materials of this site known to new readers and help them use them to respond to their questions. The way for achieving this is still to be chosen.
We will do our best to find a solution Nikolai would be happy with.  

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