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Nikolai Khomenko, Nurten Avci, Igor Kaikov, Lioba Markl. Innovation Management of Interdisciplinary Teams: Contribution of OTSM-TRIZ Network of Problems approach

For the fulfillment of complex tasks such as the definition of a new strategic R&D programs or the invention of new products or services, interdisciplinary teams are launched. They are characterized by features like good command of complex problems, efficiency, and capability of performing simultaneous work, creativity and better decision quality, flexibility in a dynamic market environment as well as improvement of participation. However, the quality of results depends strongly on an efficient working environment.

Nikolai Khomenko, John Cooke. Inventive problem solving using the OTSM-TRIZ “TONGS” model


One of the simplest tools in OTSM-TRIZ is the “TONGS” model. Despite being simple, the “TONGS” model provides a versatile way to frame and study an inventive technological problem. For TRIZ novices, the “TONGS” model can be trained and applied very rapidly. For more advanced TRIZ users, the “TONGS” model can set discrete TRIZ tools in context or can direct each process step in ARIZ (Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving) and PFN (OTSM based Problem Flow Networks approach).

TRIZ for kids. Yes-no Games in TRIZ Education (disk for the course in Hague, Netherland)

disk coverThe disk was created by Nikolai Khomenko for the training-course in Hague, Netherland. It contains presentations, papers and book by N.Khomenko, T.Sidorchuk, A.Nesterenko

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