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Element – Names of Feature – Values of Features model

N. Khomenko. Advanced Multi-Screen Scheme of Powerful Thinking

Editor’s Note

We have not found a text dedicated specifically to the progressive multi-screen scheme of advanced thinking in the Nikolay Khomenko’s archive. Meanwhile, this model is one of the OTSM-TRIZ basic models.

N. Khomenko. OTSM-TRIZ: Short Introduction

The presentation was prepared  for the training in OCAD (Switzerland). It was based for the TETRIS project presentation and prsented the main ideas of OTSM.

Denis CAVALLUCCI, Nikolaï KHOMENKO, Christophe MOREL. Towards inventive design through management of contradictions


Consumption of innovative products is continuously growing and this has a major impact on industry: the need to rebuild design potential is strongly felt both in terms of human skills and methodological expertise. The question behind the challenges regarding this situation can be summed up as follows: are the tools and methods developed during an era in search of quality optimization still appropriate in the context of the needs of innovation era?
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