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N. Khomenko. OTSM-TRIZ: Short Introduction

The presentation was prepared  for the training in OCAD (Switzerland). It was based for the TETRIS project presentation and prsented the main ideas of OTSM.


Main subjects for today’s Training

  • Short history and some problems were solved.
  • “Tongs” model (Why OTSM-TRIZ is so effective).
  • Exaggeration technique.
  • What make a problem difficult?
  • OTSM axiom of a root of problems.
  • What does it means IMPROVE (Why OTSM-TRIZ effective)?
  • OTSM Network of Problems/Solutions.
  • OTSM ENV Model.
  • How OTSM Process and Modeling complement to each other.
  • Black Boxes of OTSM-TRIZ and Creative Chaos.

(see presentanion)