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Всякая проблема — это всегда ситуация с позиции субъекта, в ней находящегося. Для преодоления проблемной ситуации необходимо выйти из роли этого субъекта и рассмотреть ситуацию с нескольких различных позиций (в том числе с позиции отстраненного непредвзятого наблюдателя), в нескольких различных моделях...

Nikolai Khomenko, Roland de Guio. OTSM System of Axioms (2015)

"The role of axioms is to define the boundaries of a theory. It is supposed that within these limits, the theory works. Out of these limits the result is not guaranteed. Thus, in order to understand OTSM, it is necessary to know its axioms".

This material was developed by Nikolai Khomenko and Roland de Guio and finally completed by Roland de Guio (2015).

Edited by I.Kaikov, O. Kaikov. 


Khomenko N.N. Workshop in Artek, 1997 (notes)

At the end of the 90s, Artek was the place of birth and realization of many pedagogic ideas.  Among others, a team of TRIZ-teachers headed by Nikolai Khomenko effectively worked in Artek. Mikhail Sidorenko (1950-2002), the General Director of Artek, member of Academy of Pedagogic Sciences of the Ukraine, Ghairman of Presidium of the international charitable organization "Education Without Borders” took an interest in the TRIZ pedagogy potential. The plans built jointly with Artek management were not realized because of the management team replacement.

Khomenko, N.N. Axioms of the General Theory of Powerful Thinking (2012)

This article is based on the last draft of the “Axioms of the General Theory of Strong Thinking” which was planned as part of a modular training aid in OTSM and was edited by the author till December 2009. To ease apprehension, unfinished parts dedicated to examples, answers to questions and partially to comments, as well as appendices dedicated to training and definition of the "axiom" notion in dictionaries where removed. The full text of the draft is published as a separate material on this site.  

Khomenko, N.N. Axioms of Strong Thinking: early versions (1997-1999), 2004)


This material is kept in a separate file in the archive. It consists of two parts:

1)      the first finished 1997 version of axioms (this version was demonstrated to G.S. Altshuller who, as a result, allowed Nikolai to use the term "OTSM" in his works;

2)      the modified version which is close to the last version (2004).

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