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Hongyul Yoon

H.Yoon. Ideation with OTSM-based TRIZ for New Market Creation (2015)

Ideas for new market creation can be regarded as novel solutions to the problems of current customers or noncustomers. In the viewpoint of 3 postulates of OTSM, TRIZ application in ideation for new market creation can be more customized according to the objective laws and the particular situation through which certain markets should be considered in order to apply some thinking tools which are adapted in accordance with OTSM.

H.Yoon. Applications of Purpose Axis as a part of Multi Screen Thinking (2015)

Multi Screen Thinking or ‘Talented Thinking’, was suggested by G. Altshuller in order that problem models may reflect the real world of the relevant problems. N.Khomenko developed a variety of Axes of Multi Screen Thinking in accordance with his own OTSM viewpoint of problem model transformation to solve difficult problems. The author has gotten lots of benefits by considering purpose relationship among problems over some typical application of TRIZ. 

Nikolai Khomenko, Hongyul Yoon.l OTSM-TRIZ as a Response to the Request from the Specialized and Interdisciplinary Problem Situation

Nowadays, as the required knowledge for problem solving in modern industries has been getting more specialized and more interdisciplinary, the level of complexity of the initial problem situation has increased dramatically. In this presentation, several thinking tools of OTSM are proposed as the prospective thinking way to deal with high complexity of a problem.

(Hongyul Yoon)

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