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Igor Kaikov

Europaeisches Institut fuer Energieforschung EDF-KIT EWIV, Karlsruhe, Germany

Nikolai Khomenko, Nurten Avci, Igor Kaikov, Lioba Markl. Innovation Management of Interdisciplinary Teams: Contribution of OTSM-TRIZ Network of Problems approach

For the fulfillment of complex tasks such as the definition of a new strategic R&D programs or the invention of new products or services, interdisciplinary teams are launched. They are characterized by features like good command of complex problems, efficiency, and capability of performing simultaneous work, creativity and better decision quality, flexibility in a dynamic market environment as well as improvement of participation. However, the quality of results depends strongly on an efficient working environment.

Nikolai Khomenko, Eric Schenk. Igor Kaikov. OTSM-TRIZ problem network technique: application to the history of German high-speed trains (ETRIA, 2006)

Research is a human activity that involves lot of intellectual instruments to solve various problems and keep the research going on in order to get theoretical result valuable for practical application. Historical research often provides analysis of problems were solved in the past along the evolution of the research subject. Research in the domain of management and investment also need analysis of this kind.

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