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Roland de Guio

INSA Strasbourg Graduate School of Science and Technology, 24 boulevard de la victoire, F-67084 Strasbourg, France

Nikolai Khomenko, Roland de Guio. OTSM System of Axioms (2015)

"The role of axioms is to define the boundaries of a theory. It is supposed that within these limits, the theory works. Out of these limits the result is not guaranteed. Thus, in order to understand OTSM, it is necessary to know its axioms".

This material was developed by Nikolai Khomenko and Roland de Guio and finally completed by Roland de Guio (2015).

Edited by I.Kaikov, O. Kaikov. 


Atom Mirakyan, Roland de Guio. A methodology in innovative support of the integrated energy planning preparation and orientation phase. 2014

Multiple contradicted requirements are present in integrated energy planning not only because of system evaluation but also because of different interests and preferences of planning stakeholders. The solutions of such contradiction are not always satisfactory or possible when using common planning methods.

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