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Atom Mirakyan, Roland de Guio. A methodology in innovative support of the integrated energy planning preparation and orientation phase. 2014

Multiple contradicted requirements are present in integrated energy planning not only because of system evaluation but also because of different interests and preferences of planning stakeholders. The solutions of such contradiction are not always satisfactory or possible when using common planning methods.

This study proposes a methodology for supporting multi stakeholder energy planning and modelling preparation and orientation phase. The methodology combines individual methods that are either already used in energy planning or borrowed from the area of inventive problem solving: OTSM-TRIZ, and a specially developed method. The methodology can explicitly reveal problems, key and hidden contradictions, which allows a better understanding of the situation and requirements for the next planning phase especially when looking for solutions beyond common optimality (innovative solutions). The integrated use of System operator, Tongs-model, the contradiction notion from OTSM-TRIZ with participatory planning methods allows to incorporate directly the rich knowledge base of OTSM-TRIZ in interactive planning thereby supporting collective, innovative thinking process. 

Atom Mirakyan