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Element – Names of Feature – Values of Features model

N. Khomenko. Effective Education and Problem Management Tools based on OTSM-TRIZ (video of the Jurmala seminar, 2009)

Below are snippets of the seminar "Effective Education and Problem Management Tools based on OTSM-TRIZ" conducted by N. Khomenko, A. Sokol and D.Kucheryavy in Jurmala, 2009.

Khomenko N. Super-short introduction into Classical TRIZ and OTSM

"This material is meant to be the first step for those who desire to reach a more profound understanding of the theoretical foundations of TRIZ and OTSM, as well as to learn to employ their instruments with ease for the broadest range of purposes.  It may be helpful to one studying the modern condition of OTSM-TRIZ on the stages of reflecting upon and systematizing the mastered material" (from the paper).

Edited by I.Maceralnik

Khomenko, N.N. Elements of the General Theory of Powerful Thinking (OTSM). A Monologue for Sveta

A conversation with Svetlana Lavrentieva (Kucherova) (1964-2011) presumably took place in 1997 (the hardcopy is dated November 1998). The conversation was dedicated to the basic ideas and tools of the general theory of strong thinking. The emphasis was laid on the then new tools – the "element - feature - meaning" model and four basic problem-solving technologies (subsequently named OTSM-technologies of the 1st generation).

The article is currently available in Russian only.



Khomenko N.N. Workshop in Artek, 1997 (notes)

At the end of the 90s, Artek was the place of birth and realization of many pedagogic ideas.  Among others, a team of TRIZ-teachers headed by Nikolai Khomenko effectively worked in Artek. Mikhail Sidorenko (1950-2002), the General Director of Artek, member of Academy of Pedagogic Sciences of the Ukraine, Ghairman of Presidium of the international charitable organization "Education Without Borders” took an interest in the TRIZ pedagogy potential. The plans built jointly with Artek management were not realized because of the management team replacement.

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