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Anna Korzun passed away (1967-2014)

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Николай и Анна КорзунShe was always around. And passed away on the day of Nikolai's funeral, three years later. Anna Korzun, an OTSM-TRIZ teacher and the soul of the Jonathan Livingston project. She was probably the most loyal and grateful from Nikolai's students. May they meet each other! And we will always remember.



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27.03 - Memory day of  Nikolai Khomenko.
Today we already can state that OTSM-TRIZ is the basis for pedagogical scientific researchs, training courses, busines-problems solving.

Teachers and students of Tolyatti Boarding School No.4 have launched a series of festivals "Seagull for Children" dedicated to the birthday anniversary of Nikolai Khomenko.

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The staff of the Tolyatti Boarding School No.4 have offered the participants of the Jonathan Livingston project to celebrate Nikolai Khomenko's birthhday by launching a series of festivals "Seagull for Children". During these events, children who are mastering elements of OTSM-TRIZ could share their skills with other students and teachers.


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