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The third TA Teachers Conference Thinking as a Key Competence: Implications for Learning, Teaching and Management will take place in Riga on 23-24 September 201

 The conference will address the main topic through three conference strands: is launched

We are glad to let you know that the website dedicated to N.Khomenko's correspondence with his colleagues is now available online. Many of Nikolai Khomenko's ideas have only appeared in his letters to students and colleagues. This website aims to collect these letters and make them available for the wider community interested in OTSM-TRIZ. The letters are added in the language they were written, i.e. Russian or English.

Nikolai Khomenko, Roland de Guio. OTSM System of Axioms (2015)

"The role of axioms is to define the boundaries of a theory. It is supposed that within these limits, the theory works. Out of these limits the result is not guaranteed. Thus, in order to understand OTSM, it is necessary to know its axioms".

This material was developed by Nikolai Khomenko and Roland de Guio and finally completed by Roland de Guio (2015).

Edited by I.Kaikov, O. Kaikov. 


Nikolai Khomenko, Hongyul Yoon.l OTSM-TRIZ as a Response to the Request from the Specialized and Interdisciplinary Problem Situation

Nowadays, as the required knowledge for problem solving in modern industries has been getting more specialized and more interdisciplinary, the level of complexity of the initial problem situation has increased dramatically. In this presentation, several thinking tools of OTSM are proposed as the prospective thinking way to deal with high complexity of a problem.

(Hongyul Yoon)

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