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60 yeas old

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9-12-2014 Nicholai would have turned 60 years old. "The Seagull for children" festival will  take place  In Togliatti." Html-format mirror of this site ( will appear soon, presented as electronic publication. 

N. Khomenko. OTSM Problem Flow Networks approach: application for competitive analysis of patents and other sources of information. 2000-2007

Competitive analysis of patents, the creation of "patent umbrella"  are  very important tasks for companies. The article explains how to use OTSM Problem Flow Networks approach for these purposes.

N. Khomenko. OTSM-TRIZ: Short Introduction

The presentation was prepared  for the training in OCAD (Switzerland). It was based for the TETRIS project presentation and prsented the main ideas of OTSM.

N. Khomenko. OTSM Network of Problems: Draft for Discussion and improvements

There are  several versions of the user guide on the management of Problem Networs in the Khomenko'sarchive . We use for the publication  the latter material, dating back to

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