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March 27 - Memory day of Nikolai Khomenko

Nikolai Khomenko,  MinskN.Novgorod hosts pre-school teacher training seminar led by Tatiana Sidorchuk. This year the event devoted to N.Khomenko has attracted over 200 people from all over Russia.

This site was started about two years ago with the purpose of publishing Nikolai Khomenko's archive. Since then the site has become much more
visible. The most popular materials have been viewed over 10 000 times.

Over 60 texts, 10 video/audio materials on OTSM-TRIZ in Russian and English languages and more than 130 photographs have been published
on the site.

The bigest part of the paper archive and a disk with a copy of the electronic archive are stored in the TRIZ-foundation in Chelyabinsk (CHOUNB).

We are grateful to the website editors, translators and all those who help us.

N. Khomenko. Three step to define function-features model. 1990-2001

Related to "New problem" technology of problem solving, Contradiction Technology and ARIZ, Model EPV, Law of System Completeness, Multi-screen advanced scheme. 

Denis CAVALLUCCI, Nikolaï KHOMENKO, Christophe MOREL. Towards inventive design through management of contradictions


Consumption of innovative products is continuously growing and this has a major impact on industry: the need to rebuild design potential is strongly felt both in terms of human skills and methodological expertise. The question behind the challenges regarding this situation can be summed up as follows: are the tools and methods developed during an era in search of quality optimization still appropriate in the context of the needs of innovation era?

N. Khomenko. Effective Education and Problem Management Tools based on OTSM-TRIZ (video of the Jurmala seminar, 2009)

Below are snippets of the seminar "Effective Education and Problem Management Tools based on OTSM-TRIZ" conducted by N. Khomenko, A. Sokol and D.Kucheryavy in Jurmala, 2009.

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