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Valentina Berezina passed away (1950 - 2015)

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Valentina Berezina, an author of many articles on the Theory of Creative Personality Development and patent law, as well as  the organiser of many TRIZ conferenes and seminars in Chelyabinsk, has died  on 19 September 2015. Valentina was the main person behind all the legal aspects of working with Nikolai Khomenko's archive.

Atom Mirakyan, Roland de Guio. A methodology in innovative support of the integrated energy planning preparation and orientation phase. 2014

Multiple contradicted requirements are present in integrated energy planning not only because of system evaluation but also because of different interests and preferences of planning stakeholders. The solutions of such contradiction are not always satisfactory or possible when using common planning methods.

N. Khomenko. Advanced Multi-Screen Scheme of Powerful Thinking

Editor’s Note

We have not found a text dedicated specifically to the progressive multi-screen scheme of advanced thinking in the Nikolay Khomenko’s archive. Meanwhile, this model is one of the OTSM-TRIZ basic models.

Paul R. Rousseau, Nikolai Khomenko. Improving Problem Solving and Solution Design Skills Using Problem Flow Coaches in Capstone Projects


Engineers are known for their ability to solve problems and design solutions to those problems.   There is an increasing concern that engineering education is failing to prepare students to properly address complex, ill-structured problems in the context of multi-disciplinary teams in order to produce innovative solutions and designs.  Instructional solutions such as coaching, active learning, helping students develop metacognitive skills, and the direct teaching of creative problem solving skills have been p

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