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Andrei Kuryan, Dmitry Kucharavy. Heritage of Nikolai Khomenko (2018)

About the report “Heritage of Nikolai Khomenko”

Andrei Kuryan TRIZ Trainer, EPAM Systems, Minsk, Belarus

Dmitry Kucharavy Researcher, teacher, consultant, Strasbourg, France


In this article we present the overview of lifeline and heritage of TRIZ Master Nikolai Khomenko (1954 - 2011).

During our work we studied Nikolai Khomenko publications and related archive materials. We collected memories and opinions of 20+ colleagues who were collaborated with Nikolai in different periods of his life.

The full report includes facts of life and description of his achievements. Special focus in the report is paid to his main achievement – OTSM-TRIZ. We collected the opinions of colleagues about OTSM-TRIZ as well as how they use OTSM-TRIZ elements day2day.

Keywords: OTSM-TRIZ