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©N. Khomenko.  Workshop Program: «Theory and Practice of Development and Use of Tools for Solving Non‐Standard, Creative Problems on the Basis of OTSM and Classical TRIZ» 

What will the training result be like?

As a result  of this course students

1. will be introduced to

a.  a detailed analytical review of basic tools based on the theoretical propositions of OTSM and Classical TRIZ; 

b. ways of overcoming stereotypes in the organization of the innovation process based on tools of OTSM‐TRIZ concept «Think out of the Box»;

c. educational technologies for solving non‐standard problems; the basic theoretical propositions of nonlinear training technologies and some methods of nonlinear training in solving creative, non‐ standard problems, exemplified by the organization of the students in the courses;

d. the basics of the Theory of Creative Personality Development (TRTL);

e. specifics of the individual activity in the innovation process, types of conflict management in the innovation process.  

2. Possess basic knowledge of the basic theory and practice of developing and perfecting tools for dealing with data in the process of solving more complicated, non‐standard (creative, inventive) problem situations.  

3. Master the tools built on a theoretical basis OTSM‐TRIZ of entry‐level, that will constitute the basis for further learning of more complex instruments.

4. Form  the skills of reflective thinking to facilitate the organizing of the innovation process based on overcoming of stereotypes (paradigms)