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Khomenko, N.N., Sidorchuk, T.A., Korzun, A.A. Development of Creative Thinking, Imagination and Speech in Children Aged 3-10

 The article dedicated to the problems of modern education and solutions proposed by OTSM-TRIZ pedagogy is written by the participants of the Jonathan Livingstone project for the IV International Specialized Pedagogical Conference "Game Technologies in Children Development and Teaching", Moscow, October 2006, within the framework of the exhibition The Childhood World-2006 held in Krasnaya Presnya Expocenter.

27.03 - Memorial day of Nikolai Khomenko

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We remember him, miss him badly and do our best to support and develop his ideas.the grave

A.Korzun, N.Khomenko, A.Nesterenko. Resolution of contradictions in OTSM-TRIZ (material for teachers)

This presentation was created by Anna Korzun on the basis of the materials by N. Khomenko, and A. Nesterenko. Anna used her own assigments, as well as invenive problems from various sources on TRIZ and TRIZ-pedagogy.
This material was discussed by Nikolai Khomenko and Anna Korzun in 2009. Nikolai advised to refine this presentation for publishing and translating it into English. We carry out his wish.

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