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Nikolai Khomenko, Ingrida Murashlovska. Third millennium: the driving contradiction and other problems of education

…Specialization was the key to solving many problems, and we used this key to open door after door, and went ahead, not caring that somewhere behind us doors were slamming shut…

This is the era in which scientific methods of professional selection flourish, the era of narrow and super-narrow specialization –
and suddenly a person appears who claims that specialization should be completely replaced with training universal professionals…

N.Khomenko. Fundamentals of Classical TRIZ

The part of the English handbook of TETRIS PROJECT

N.Khomenko. Part 1. Why do we need to know the foundations of applied theories?

The part of the English handbook of TETRIS PROJECT

"The notion of creation is akin to that of horizon and applied theories are cars which allow us to reach new horizons much faster, than we could do that going on foot, and to move to new, still more interesting creation horizons".

The author shoes by examples, that "in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles if Classical TRIZ not only ensures effective application of its tools, but also allows new tools, adapted to specific needs, to be created as necessary"



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