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Khomenko, N.N. A Color Music Polyscreen (Kifa Vasilievich’s notes about Universal Laws inspired by the papers of the “Petrozavodsk-85” conference)

In the 60s and 70s, “Nauka I Zhizn” (“Science and life”) journal published crazy ideas and theories in its “From Kifa Vasilievich Archives” column. As far as I know, at one time Nikolai was going to introduce a similar column on This text was probably written after Petrozavodsk 1985 workshop. TRIZ developers coming to Petrozavodsk from all over the world were ready to discuss the problems of the new science day and night. The workshops were conducted by Genrikh Altshuller. 
The 1985 workshop brought a lot of new fruitful ideas, in particular, the appearance of a new theory  - TRTL (Theory of Creative Personality Development) was declared. TRIZ was outgrowing the framework of applied "technical" science. The problem of how KNOWLEDGE works was coming to the fore. 
The law system structure was later (at the beginning of the 90s) presented in the worldview axioms. When discussing the problem of the education content structure, Nikolai also used this concept.
Alla Nesterenko
The article is currently available in Russian only.

The article is currently available in Russian only.