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Khomenko, N.N. Summarizing lecture on OTSM-TRIZ fundamentals

© Nikolai Nikolayevich Khomenko (NN) 27 March 1999

Ingrida Murashkovska (IM), Svetlana Guin (SG), Anna Korzun (AK)

The audio recording printout and primary editing by S.Sokolov

Site editor’s notes

Coincidentally, Nikolai delivered this lecture for his fellow-teachers exactly 12 years before his death, on March 27. For many years this material was kept not only in Nikolai’s archive but also in ours and was used by developer teachers from time to time.

The printout of the audio recording was made and edited by Sergey Sokolov. He also insisted on the importance of illustrating some places (the lecture was illustrated by blackboard drawings). This publication uses frames from N. Khomenko's presentation as illustration. For reading convenience, the text was split into parts and the minimum stylistic alteration was made (omitted words were added in square brackets). The text in its original form is available in the archive files.

Alla Nesterenko

The article is currently available in Russian only.

Deposited in CHOUNB 29.02.2012 № 3478


The article is currently available in Russian only.