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Axioms of OTSM: the last drafts and archive materials

Editor’s notes

Judging from the drafts, the last time the author edited this material was December 2009.

The material is part of the modular teaching aid in OTSM and is characterized by a highly-formatted structure. The preface is followed by the section which presents axiom functions, and then by the block explaining the link with other theory concepts and tools. Next follows the axiom description by groups.  A description of a group includes an introductory part and a block dedicated to each axiom: an axiom formulation, comments, results, examples, FAQ (answers and questions) and a "raw material" section for useful yet unprocessed materials. At the end, there is a section dedicated to the axiom teaching techniques. The attachment includes extracts from dictionaries giving the definitions of the "axiom" and “postulate” notions (in English).

In addition, there is an access to the archive section where all the materials on the system of axioms are collected, including examples, quotations and parts of correspondence.

While editing, there were removed typing and concord errors and the words omitted by the author were inserted in square brackets.

Deposited in CHOUNB 17.03.12 № 3484

The article is currently available in Russian only.


The article is currently available in Russian only.