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Second generation of OTSM tools

N. Khomenko. OTSM-TRIZ: Short Introduction

The presentation was prepared  for the training in OCAD (Switzerland). It was based for the TETRIS project presentation and prsented the main ideas of OTSM.

N. Khomenko. OTSM Network of Problems: Draft for Discussion and improvements

There are  several versions of the user guide on the management of Problem Networs in the Khomenko'sarchive . We use for the publication  the latter material, dating back to

Nikolai Khomenko, Nurten Avci, Igor Kaikov, Lioba Markl. Innovation Management of Interdisciplinary Teams: Contribution of OTSM-TRIZ Network of Problems approach

For the fulfillment of complex tasks such as the definition of a new strategic R&D programs or the invention of new products or services, interdisciplinary teams are launched. They are characterized by features like good command of complex problems, efficiency, and capability of performing simultaneous work, creativity and better decision quality, flexibility in a dynamic market environment as well as improvement of participation. However, the quality of results depends strongly on an efficient working environment.

Denis Cavallucci, Nikolai Khomenko. From TRIZ to OTSM-TRIZ: addressing complexity challenges in inventive design | INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS


Nowadays, the need to rebuild design practices in enterprises is strongly felt both in terms of human skills and methodological expertise. An emerging statement is that tools and methods developed during the quality and optimisation era have shown their limits and become inappropriate in the context of the needs of the innovation era. The aim of this paper is first to state that a partial answer to face the innovation era's difficulties has been brought about by the theory of inventive problem solving.

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