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27.03 - Memorial day of Nikolai Khomenko

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We remember him, miss him badly and do our best to support and develop his ideas.the grave

Unfortunately ... But Today

Dear Nikolai,Unfortunately I never met you when you alive, But:Thanks for your ideas that you developed at journey of the problem solving process: solution search space , axioms , models , tools & ...Today, I am a OTSM Elementary Follower and study on General Theory of Power Thinking.Thanks for you and Thanks for your collegues for organizing the OTSM Publications. 

My first, last and eternal respectable teacher, sincere friend

   Dear Nikolai,  Could you remember the first time I visited you in Korea, 16 years ago?  At that time, you could not speak English well, neither could I.  We met face to face and you started an explanation about 'ENV model'.  As I told you again and again, your saying about ENV made me feel electricity from my toes to the top of my head. From the time, we have made our deep friendship, the relationship as a teacher and a student, and travelers in our lives. I can't forget all you have done for me, with me and about me. You had been giving me lots of memorable experiences and wisdom. I just want to complain to you of your sudden leaving me alone. However, I would like to believe you might have planned your farewell would be for better and further teaching for me. Based on your teaching and wisdom I have learned from you, I will keep the development of OTSM because I believe that should be your expectation to me.  Nikolai, I miss you so much. I will sustain my research and study on OTSM as much as I miss you, I promise you.