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"...необходимо разработать метод решения проблем, который бы приводил нас непосредственно к подходящему решению при значительном сокращении количества проб и ошибок (или, предпочтительно, без проб и ошибок), так чтобы не было необходимости тратить время на выбор". (Николай Хоменко, Мансур Аштиани. Классическая ТРИЗ и ОТСМ как теоретическая основа инструментов для решения нестандартных проблем, с. 4).

©Nikolai Khomenko, ©Mansour Ashmiani,. Classical TRIZ and OTSM as a scientific theoretical background for nontypical problem solving instruments

This paper presents the structure of Classical TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving created by Genrich Altshuller) and OTSM (the Russian acronym for the General Theory of Powerful Thinking, proposed by Altshuller in several papers and letters to the Russian TRIZ community between 1975 and 1986). In brief, the model comprises a key problem to be solved by the theory and the assumptions established to solve it. A set of fundamental models based on these assumptions was developed as the theory evolved. Practical instruments were then developed on the basis of these models (i.e.

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