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Thomas ELTZER, Denis CAVALLUCCI, Philippe LUTZ, Nikolai KHOMENKO. Contribution to early stages analysis: a framework for contradiction’s complexity representation. ETRIA, 2004

It is universally acknowledged that actual industrial situation regarding problem solving stages is of a critical matter for R&D robustness. A technical situation that causes inefficiency is stated as an “unsolvable problem” and treated as “best possible compromises”. In fact they are the result of a complex situation where mental inertia leads the designer’s attitude.

General Theory on Powerful Thinking (OTSM): Digest of Evolution, Theoretical Background, Tools for Practice and Some Domain of Application


OTSM is a Russian acronym proposed by Genrich Altshuller to describe the next evolution of Classical TRIZ. The acronym can be translated into English as the “General Theory on Powerful Thinking” Mr. Altshuller proposed the idea to transition from Classical TRIZ to OTSM in the mid 1970‘s. Some background ideas for this transition were developed in the 1980‘s, initiating the formal development of OTSM.

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