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Всякий элемент есть процесс. Всякий процесс может рассматриваться как элемент. Процесс протекает в соответствии с общими объективными законами с учетом конкретных объективных и субъективных факторов.

N.Khomenko. OTSM-TRIZ: Axioms of OTSM-TRIZ. 1997-1999

Presentation for seminars

The composition of the system of OTSM axioms was formed in 1999. The only change that appeared later is  the transfer of

N.Khomenko. Axioms of OTSM-TRIZ (system of axiom), 1997-2001

© N.Khomenko. 1997-2001. Materials for seminars: OTSM-TRIZ: Main technologies of problem solving, “Jonathan Livingston” Project.

General Theory on Powerful Thinking (OTSM): Digest of Evolution, Theoretical Background, Tools for Practice and Some Domain of Application


OTSM is a Russian acronym proposed by Genrich Altshuller to describe the next evolution of Classical TRIZ. The acronym can be translated into English as the “General Theory on Powerful Thinking” Mr. Altshuller proposed the idea to transition from Classical TRIZ to OTSM in the mid 1970‘s. Some background ideas for this transition were developed in the 1980‘s, initiating the formal development of OTSM.

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